1 / What is Hexagon ?

Hexagone is an organization providing tutoring courses from primary to high school based on the French education program

The creation of Hexagone is part of a desire to complete the classical school education provided by the International French Lycée Marguerite Duras as well as the other French schools – Boule et Billes, Saint Ange, La Petite Ecole -.

It also responds to an increasingly strong demand from families.

2 / Who is Hexagone for?

Hexagone is aimed at students from different French schools in Saigon wishing to supplement their education with support courses to catch up or to deepen their knowledge.

In this perspective and aware that undertaking studies in a language which is not their mother tongue is extremely difficult, Hexagone primarily targets non-French-speaking students who follow French schooling.

Hexagone also offers its services – FLE courses – to Vietnamese adults or students who want to learn French for private reasons or professional objectives.

Finally, Hexagone does not forget the French people and foreigners established in Saigon who would like to learn Vietnamese language thanks to Vietnamese courses.

3 / Where do the lessons take place?

Classes take place either at the student’s home or in suitable places near the student’s home.

Our goal is to bring the teacher closer to the students, and to prevent the students from wasting time.

4 / Are the lessons individual or group?

The final choice between an individual or group lesson is up to the parents and the pupil. Depending on the student’s level and the desired subjects, Hexagone will advise you on the most suitable formula.

5 / Can we impose a group lesson on the student if he does not want it?

No, everything will be done in consultation with the parents and the student. The interest of the student is first and foremost.

6 / What are the different steps for registration?

After having made the choice to use the services of Hexagone, a choice that you can make by email, telephone or via our website, we will contact you for a first meeting or a telephone interview in order to define together the most suitable formula for your child.

Then comes a first trial course billed at 50% of the price. At the end of this trial course, if the student is satisfied, a contract will be established between Hexagone and the family specifying the formula chosen with the subject (s) taught, the number of hours per week and the duration of the courses.

7 / Can my child change plans during the year?

Yes, it is possible to modify the formula during the school year. An amendment will then be appended to the contract specifying the terms of the new commitment.

8 / How are the courses paid?

A summary of the lessons is sent to the family at the end of each month. Payment must then be made between the 1st and 5th of the following month.

9 / What are the payment methods?

Bank transfer is preferred. but it is also possible to pay in cash.

11 / Can my child exceptionally take some additional lessons over a short given period in addition to the chosen formula?

Yes, these courses will be added to the monthly billing established at the end of the month.

12 / What is the profile of the teachers?

Our teachers have diverse profiles: active or retired teachers, professionals in their fields of expertise – engineers, biologists, interpreters, … -, or students.

Depending on the level of the student and the subject taught, we will suggest the most suitable teacher. The common point of our speakers is their great experience in terms of tutoring.

With the exception of teachers for Vietnamese lessons, all our speakers for tutoring and FLE courses are graduates of French Education with French as their mother tongue.

13 / Can we change teachers during the year?

Yes, it is possible to change the teacher during the year. However, this should not be systematic and should be done in consultation with the educational director of Hexagone.

14 / How can parents monitor their child's progress?

Communication is regular and permanent between Hexagone represented by the pedagogical director, the teacher, the parents and the student.

Whatever the formula chosen by the student and regardless of the number of hours provided by the teacher, parents receive a monitoring sheet every month indicating the chapters, the progress achieved and the remaining points to be improved.

15 / How are the teachers/speakers controlled?

Teachers are doubly checked. On the one hand, as they are placed under the direct authority of the pedagogical director, they will have to inform about the work undertaken with the pupil in Hexagone. On the other hand, parents participate fully in this control by returning a teacher’s scoring sheet to Hexagone once per term.

The objective is not to penalize anyone but to allow the best match between the student and the teacher.

16 / Is the choice of a group lesson dictated by the desire or the obligation to reduce the financial cost for the family?

Not at all, it is completely wrong to think that the choice of the group lesson is made by default. In addition to language courses, FLE or Vietnamese which are, of course, done collectively, support courses can also be organized in small groups for reasons of emulation. Once again, it all depends on the profile and temperament of the student.

17 / Do you offer revision courses?

In addition to the classic services. Hexagone regularly organizes internships, during school holidays, for revisions to middle school and baccalaureate exams.

Likewise, summer remedial or advanced courses take place during the months of July and August. These courses are coupled with sports and artistic activities.